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Can You Get Your Hands on the Automatic Transmission Parts You Need?

Can you get your hands on the automatic transmission parts you need? Sometimes it’s not easy to find the automatic transmission parts you need for your transmission rebuild quickly enough to deliver the level of service your company depends on for repeat business.  There are several reasons why the automatic transmission components you seek can be hard to get your hands on.

Reasons You Can’t Find the Automatic Transmission Parts You Need

The Car is No Longer in Production

This is one of the biggest causes for part shortages. Automakers include replacement parts only from a vehicle for eight to 10 years after the production of the car has stopped. By then, demand for automatic transmission parts falls and they become more difficult to find.   When the manufacturer is no longer interested in producing the parts, you’ll have more success going to transmission aftermarket part manufacturers and distributors.  Having a high-volume manufacturer with an extensive inventory is critical to your business so you won’t have to shop around for a few weeks to get the parts you need.

The Car is a Luxury or Sports Model

Customers who have luxury or sports model cars may want to keep them on the road longer due to their high replacement cost.  They may have an automatic transmission that they need to get fixed or replaced, but if the warranty has expired then going to the dealership becomes costly.  To save them money, shops may turn to transmission rebuilders to reduce the cost of repairs. If you’re a rebuilder, you know how critical fast turnaround is to your business, and not having the necessary parts available can cause you to lose a sale.  But luxury and sports model automatic transmission components aren’t always readily available.   For these manufacturers, it’s all about exclusivity.  They price their parts the way they price their cars, so buying directly from the manufacturer is not always the best option.  Again, the aftermarket is the route to go.

The Car Is Rare

If you’re looking for a specific part to rebuild your customer’s transmission, it may not be easy to find. When shopping for auto parts, many people will focus on finding the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brand of their vehicle rather than searching for cheaper alternatives. It can be difficult to find parts in stock because usually if the automotive manufacturer stops selling them, the OEMs discontinue production altogether.  This problem is more common when the car is rare.  The challenge of finding reasonably priced automatic transmission parts is often even more difficult than with luxury or sports model parts.

So How Can You Get Your Hands On Those Automatic Transmission Parts?

Can you get your hands on the automatic transmission parts you need? The answer is to find a partner who can be your one-stop shop for all of your automatic transmission part needs.  Especially with today’s supply chain issues in the automotive industry, inventory outages are common, and orders are left unfilled.  When you have a business to run this can mean the difference between keeping or losing a customer.  You don’t have time to call around for the parts you need, and you don’t have the funds to pay through the roof for them.  After all, it’s not like you were able to raise your service prices exponentially just because parts are tougher to get your hands on.  That’s why at GFX we have been loading up our warehouses with the parts you need whenever shipping containers are available, to make sure that when our customers place their orders, we’ll be ready.