Switching from manual to automatic transmission?

4 Reasons Switching from Manual to Automatic Transmission Is a Good Move

With changes in demand, switching from manual to automatic transmission may be a smart decision. This article outlines a few reasons your clients may want to consider it.

At one time, manual transmissions had many advantages over their automatic counterparts – cars with manual transmissions were easier to maintain, their fuel economy and performance outpaced automatics, and they were less expensive to purchase.

These days, however, automatic transmissions are either on par with or exceed manual transmissions in these areas. Have you noticed your clients switching from manual to automatic transmissions? Here are a few reasons that might help them feel good about their decision.

Switching from Manual to Automatic Transmission? 4 Reasons You Should

  1. Automatic Transmissions Have Improved Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency is an important factor to consider when choosing a vehicle, and automatic transmissions haven’t always been comparable to the abilities of manual transmissions. However, automatic transmissions have come a long way in their fuel efficiency. Many manufacturers have continued to add gears to their transmissions, which translates into better fuel economy, so many automatic transmissions are now at least as fuel-friendly as manuals, if not more so.

  1. Manual Transmissions Are Becoming Less and Less Common

It is less common today for new cars to have a manual transmission option. Because the most in-demand vehicle option is the automatic version, carmakers are opting to produce fewer manuals, simply because they want to serve the market. When there is a low demand for a product, that can also translate into higher costs for parts and repairs.

  1. Automatic Transmissions Are Easier to Operate for Most Users

One of the reasons that automatic transmission vehicles are more in demand is a simple matter of operability. Fewer people today know how to drive a stick shift, and because the vast majority of cars coming are automatic, there is less incentive for people to learn. While driving aficionados may prefer the experience of feeling more in tune with a vehicle, the bottom line is that most consumers simply want a car that is easy to operate.

  1. Automatics Are Becoming More Affordable Than Ever

It used to be the case that the standard package for a new car included a manual transmission, with automatic versions available at an extra cost to the buyer. While some sports cars still come with a manual transmission as the standard version, it’s becoming less common.

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