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Hard Parts

33843 33843 Default Title TF6, A904, 30RH, 31RH, 32RH Flex Plate w/Offset Holes for 10 3/4” Converter 73-92 12971 4058429
49094 49094 Default Title A413, A470, A670 Shell 78-ON 32144 47195
49588 49588 Default Title A518, A618, A618ES, 47RE, 48RE Retainer, Piston Support, Overdrive w/Plugs 90-ON 22754N 52118180
49588A 49588A Default Title A518, A618 Retainer Piston Support w/Oring (Universal) 90-ON 22754U 52118180
49590C 49590C Default Title A500, 44RE, 40RH, 42RH, 44RH, A500SE, A518, 46RH, Bearing & Race Kit, Overdrive 84-ON K12738 4740774
49595A 49595A Default Title A518, A618 Drum (Reverse) Lip-Type 90-ON 22157C 52118057
49595C 49595C Default Title TF8, A727, 36RH, 37RH, A518 Sun Gear, Input 62-ON 22141 2801311
49596 49596 Default Title A518, A618, A413,T6, T8 Piston Accumulator 88-ON 22841 3410908
49985E 62TE Updated with non-rotational rings VARIOUS N/A N/A
U201591A U201591A Default Title A604 Planet Set, 5 Pin Rear 96-ON N/A N/A
U201921A A604 Pump 00-ON 92200B N/A
U205992 A500 Planet Set Rear (Planet & Ring Gear Only) 75-ON 12652B N/A
U206952A A518, A618 Drum (Direct) w/Piston & Steel 4 Clutch N/A 22767A N/A
U209592 62TE Planet Set (Underdrive) 07-ON 107749 N/A
U209893 U209893 Default Title 62TE Underdrive Shaft VARIOUS N/A N/A
U209921 62TE Pump 07-ON 107912 N/A
U209951 62TE Drum (Input) 07-ON 92923A N/A
U209952 62TE Drum (Direct) 07-ON 107732 N/A
U209955 62TE Drum (Low) N/A 107734 N/A
32395 32395 Default Title 4F27E Cover Rear (Universal Version, Aluminum) 99-ON 46804A XS4Z-7222BA
34393B 34393B Default Title TF80SC, AF40, TF81SC, AF21, Retainer Kit, K1 w/Springs 05-ON N/A N/A
34394B 34394B Default Title TF80SC, AF40, TF81SC, AF21, Piston, K1 Clutch 05-ON K77895 N/A
34395B 34395B Default Title TF80SC, AF40, TF81SC, AF21, Drum, K1 Clutch Housing w/Needle Bearing 05-ON N/A N/A
409873 6T75E Spring, Cushion (Ford Design) 07-ON N/A 115110-B
45093E 45093E Default Title 5R55S, 5R55W Planet, Overdrive, for Sun Gear w/38 Teeth 02-ON 56413J 2L2Z-7B446-AA
45094A 45094A Default Title A4LD, A4LDE, 4R44E, 4R55E Planet (Overdrive) 85-95 56413 F7TZ-7B446DA / F7TZ- 7B446AA
45094B 45094B Default Title 4R44E, 4R55E, 5R55E Planet (Overdrive w/Sensor & Oil Dam) 95-ON 56413A 2L5Z-7B446-AA/ F0TZ- 7B064-A
45096G 45096G Default Title 5R55W, 5R55S Shell, Sun Gear 55 Teeth 02-ON 56414A 2L2Z-7D063AA
45096H 45096H Default Title 5R55W, 5R55S Shaft, Overdrive Center for Sun Gear w/38 Teeth 02-ON 56958L 2L2Z-7A658-AA
46185 46185 Default Title 4R75W, 4R75W, 4R70 Sun Gear Shell non-magnetic w/Bushings 04-ON 76870D 5L3Z-70019AA
46186 46186 Default Title 4R70W, AODE, Sun Gear, Forward 93-ON 76872A F3LY-7A399-A
46186A 46186A Default Title 4R75W Sun Gear (Forward) w/Groove (2nd Design) 03-ON 76612B / 76872B 9L3Z-7A399A
46187 46187 Default Title 4R70E, 4R70W, 4R75E, 4R75W Ring Gear (No Holes w/Park Lugs) 1-5/8” Long 01-ON 76874D 3L3Z-7A233-BA
46187A 46187A Default Title 4R70E, 4R70W, 4R75E, 4R75W Drum (Direct, Overdrive) (6 Pack) 90-ON 76881B F6AZ-7F283AA
46468 46468 Default Title E4OD, 4R100, Shell, Input, Hardened 89-ON 36414E YC3Z-7D064-AA
46494 46494 Default Title C6, E4OD, Race, Inner, Low 89-97 36429B N/A
46494A 46494A Default Title E40D, 4R100, Race, Low, Inner 97-ON 36429F F7TZ-7D171-AA
46499 46499 Default Title E4OD, 4R100, Bearing & Race Kit, Center Support w/Cup Plug 89-ON 36743A / K36743 F3TZ-7B067AC
46593D 46593D Default Title CD4E Drum, Double w/Updated Snap Ring 98-ON 73754C F8RZ-7G1-BA
U304594 5R55E Planet Assembly O/D Planet O/D Drum Sun Gear Cog Washer Ring-Gear, Hub & Sprag 97-ON K56413C N/A
U304971 4R44E, 5R55E Valve Body Core 97-ON 56947I N/A
U305591 4R70W Planet Assembly (includes planet sun gear sun shell ring gear center support) 93-03 K76683B N/A
U305591A 4R75W Planet Assembly (includes planet, center suport, sun gear ring gear, sunshell) 04-ON K76883C N/A
U305861 U305861 Default Title 4R70W Sun Gear 31T N/A 76872A N/A
U305921 4R70W Pump (Complete) w/.608” Pump Gears 92-03 76200C N/A
U305921B 4R75W Pump (Complete) N/A 76200K 3L32-7A103AA
U305952 4R70W, 4R75W Drum Direct w/Steels Pressure Plate Piston Kit N/A 76881 F2AZ-7F283A
U305955 4R70W, 4R75W Drum (Reverse) w/Diod Sprag N/A 76877E N/A
U308594 5R55W, Planet Assembly O/D Planet (24T) Ring Gear w/Hub O/D Drum Sun Gear & Cog Washer N/A K56413K N/A
U308594A 5R55W, Planet Assembly O/D Planet (38T) Ring Gear w/Hub O/D Drum Sun Gear & Cog Washer N/A K56413J N/A
U308691 U308691 Default Title 5R55N, 5R55W, 5R55S Sungear Shell & Gear 55T 99-ON 56423K N/A
U308921 5R55N, 5R55W, 5R55S Pump w/Valve 99-ON 56200J N/A
U308951 U308951 Default Title 5R55N, 5R55W, 5R55S Drum (FWD, w/Steels Pressure Plate Piston Kit) 99-ON 56400J N/A
U308952 U308952 Default Title 5R55N, 5R55W, 5R55S Drum (Direct) 4 Clutch 99-ON 56300JA N/A
U308952A 5R55N, 5R55W, 5R55S Drum (Direct) 5 Clutch 99-ON 56300J N/A
U308955 5R55N, 5R55W, 5R55S Drum (Reverse) 99-ON K56510J N/A
U311952 4F27E Drum (O/D clutch or direct drum) fits 32T Steels 99-ON 46832 XS4Z-7F283AB
U311955 4F27E, FNR5 Drum (Reverse Clutch) fits 36T Steels 99-ON 46830 XS4Z-7D044AB
U312588A 6F35E Center Support (Aluminum w/Piston) 09-ON 118826F 9L82-7L328A
U312921 6F35E Pump (Complete) 09-ON 118912F N/A
U312959 6F35E Sprag (Low Reverse) Diode 09-ON 118727F N/A
U31588A 6R60 Support- Center, Aluminum 4 3/4”Thick 8”OD Uses 30 Teeth Intermediate Steels. Cast # 6L2P-7L328-CC 06-ON 116826A 6L2Z-7A130-A
U315921 6R60E Pump (Complete) N/A 116915A N/A
40790 40790 Default Title TH200/C, TH200-R4 Sun Shell, Hardened 76-88 65749H 8648484
40795 40795 Default Title TH200-4R Stator Shaft, Pump 81-90 65917A/S N/A
408951 6L80E Drum, Reverse 06-ON 135733B 24260892
414691 414691 Default Title 6T40E, 6T45E Sun Shell Reaction (2.350”) 08-ON 118756G 24231230
414951A 6T40E, 6T45E Drum (4-5-6 1st Design) 08-ON 118734G 24253300
41793 41793 Default Title 4L80E Pump Body w/Gears 97-ON 34510EA 24211287
41794A 41794A Default Title 4L80E Drum, FWD, Late 97-ON 34185A 248850
41794C 41794C Default Title 4L80E Center Support 97-98 34822A 248849
41953 41953 Default Title 4T60, TH440T4, 4T60E Shaft, Pump Drive 83-ON 84874 8656624
41986 41986 Default Title 4T65E Hub, 4th Clutch w/Shaft (Cookie Cutter) 97-ON 84860C 245603
41986B 41986B Default Title 4T60E Hub, 4th Clutch, Late Style 97-ON 84860B 2437
41987A 41987A Default Title 4T60E, 4T65E, Sun Gear 97-ON 84945C 244098
42269 42269 Default Title TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E, 4L65E Sun Gear Shell **The Monster** 82-ON 77749 8683439
42269A 42269A Default Title 4L65E Sun Gear Shell, Bearing Type (The Monster) 01-ON 77749A 24229825
42269B 42269B Default Title TH700-R4, 4L60, Sun Gear Shell w/Hardened Splines 82-ON 77749 8683439
42282 42282 Default Title TH700-R4, 4L60E, Piston, Servo (Corvette) 82-ON K77895 8642079
42286 42286 Default Title TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E Piston, Accumulator, 1-2, 3-4, w/Seal 82-ON 77998 8642079
42286A 42286A Default Title TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E Piston, Accumulator, 1-2 82-ON 77998A 8684429
42293A 42293A Default Title 4L65E, 4L70E Shaft, Stator w/Sensor Hole (300 mm Converter) 06-ON N/A N/A
42295BB 42295BB Default Title 4L60E Pump Slide 97-ON 65928A 245406
42296A 42296A Default Title 4L60E, TH700-R4 Drum, Reverse 97-ON 77716B 8681295
42296B 42296B Default Title TH700-R4, TH700-R4, 4L60E, 4L65E Planet, Rear, 5 Pinion 97-ON 7731B 24227002
42298A 42298A Default Title TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E, 4L65E Sun Gear, Rear w/Bushing 82-ON 77748 86424
42393D 42393D Default Title 6L80E Drum, Support, 2-6, Low, Reverse 5 Clutch 06-ON 135825B N/A
42887 5L40E, Coast Drum Snap Ring 1.380”Thick 99-ON 55836 N/A
S414541 S414541 Default Title 6T45E Neutral Safety Switch 08-ON 118991G 24230719
S414871A S414871A Default Title 6T40E, 6T45E, 6T50E Ring Gear (Center/Intermediate) 08-ON 118758G N/A
S414872 6T45E, 6T40E, 6T50E Ring Gear (Rear/Output) 08-ON 118759G N/A
S414951K S414951K Default Title 6T40, 6T45E, Drum (Clutch Double Drum, Complete Loaded Assembly Updated Fits 3-5 Rev./4-5-6 w/3 Ring Hub) 08-ON N/A N/A
S414970B S414970B Default Title 6T40E, 6T45E, 6T50E Bearing Kit (Includes all bearings in Transmission Non Possi Diff) 08-ON N/A N/A
S414992 S414992 Default Title 6T45E Planet (Rear) Output 5 Pinion 08-ON 118748G 24233635
U403591 TH700-R4, 4L60E Planet Assembly Includes Front Planet, Front Sun Gear, Front Ring Gear w/Hub, Sun Shell Rear Planet Rear Sun Gear w/Hub Bearings & Washers N/A K77747C N/A
U403593 4L60E Rear Planet Kit Includes Rear Ring Gear and Hub and Rear Sun Gear 82-ON K77731 N/A
U403921 4L60E Pump- Complete Non Castle PWM 95-96 77914C 24205406
U403921B U403921B Default Title 4L65E Pump (Complete) w/300 mm Stator Shaft PWM 03-ON 77914GC N/A
U403921C 4L65E, Pump, 300 mm Stator Sensor Type 05-ON 77914HA N/A
U403951B 4L60E Input Drum 300mm Shaft 98-04 77733L 19125752
U403951D 4L65E Drum Input- With Reluctor 05-ON 77733M 24230654
U403952 4L60E Drum (Reverse)/Direct Square Hole No Check Ball 93-ON 77716B N/A
U403958 U403958 Default Title 4L60E Input Sprag-29 Element w/ Races and Hub 87-96 K77725HD N/A
U403958A 4L60E Input Sprag-29 Element w/Races Hub Late W/3 Tab Sungear Holders 97-ON K77725H0C N/A
26393 26393 Default Title AW450-43LE, RNJ, Planet, FWD w/Straight Cut Gears, 28 Holes in Sprag Race 98-ON 94973C N/A
34393 34393 Default Title TF60SN, 09K, Retainer Kit, K1 w/Springs 03-ON 133873 N/A
34395 34395 Default Title TF60FN, 09K, Drum, K1 Clutch Housing w/Needle Bearing 03-ON 133732 N/A
34395BK 34395BK Default Title TF80SC, AF40, TF81SC, AF21 Drum Kit, K1 Clutch Housing (Drum, Needle Bearing, Piston, Retainer w/Springs) 05-ON N/A N/A
505588 505588 Default Title TF60SN, 09K Sleeve, Back Cover of K2 Drum 03-ON N/A N/A
505952 TF60SN, 09K Drum, K2 03-ON 133735 N/A
U801971 AW55-50 Valve Body Core N/A 59747D N/A
U801971A AW55-50 Valve Body Core N/A 59747G N/A
29193 29193 Default Title DPO, A4L, Drum, Brake, F3 w/Shaft, w/out Bushing 98-ON N/A N/A
34187A 34187A Default Title 95, 96, 01M, 97, 01N, 98, 01P, AG4, Retainer Kit, Reverse w/Springs 90-ON 119976B N/A
34198 34198 Default Title 95, 96, 01M Plate, Pressure, 3-4 Clutch 96-ON 119139B N/A
34387 34387 Default Title 09K Drum Kit for K1 Housing 03-ON N/A N/A
505952K 09K K2 Drum (20 Spline) w/K Sleeve 03-ON N/A N/A
U500591A 096, 01M Planet Assembly Captured Sun Gear Complete 96-ON 119821A N/A
U500921 01M, 096 Pump 10 Holes N/A 119912A N/A
U500951 01M Drum Set - Complete w/Reverse Drum N/A N/A N/A
31894 31894 Default Title ZF5HP24, ZF5HP24A, Drum, A clutch w/7 1/4” Long Shaft Update 95-ON 114737B 1058-270-036
32293 32293 Default Title ZF5HP18, ZF5HP19FL Drum, Low, Rev, Overrun (for units ending in 005, 009, 010) (for units ending in 087, 088, 097, 099) 92-ON 85735KA N/A
32294A 32294A Default Title ZF5HP19FL, ZF5HP19FL, ZF5HP19FLA Drum, Low, Rev, Overrun ZF5HP19FL (for units ending in 013, 019, 072); ZF5HP19F- LA (for units ending in 018, 030, 054, 073, 101) 94-ON 85735KD 1060-373-002
29658D 29658D Default Title JR405E Planet, Rear 02-ON N/A 45780-4D000
29659D 29659D Default Title JR405E Planet, Front 02-ON N/A 45720-4D000
29693D 29693D Default Title JR405E Ring Gear, Intermediate 02-ON N/A 45790-4D000
29694D 29694D Default Title JR405E Sun Gear, FWD 02-ON N/A 45772-4D000
29695D 29695D Default Title JR405E Ring Gear, Front 02-ON N/A 45710-4D000
29696D 29696D Default Title JR405E Hub, High 02-ON N/A 45715-4D000
37185 37185 Default Title F4A21, A4AF3, Drum, Kickdown, Short Tabs 1/2 (OEM) 87-ON 42734E 45641-22810
37186A 37186A Default Title F4A22, F4A23, Drum, Kickdown, Long Tabs, 3/4 (AFTMKT) 89-ON 42734G 45641-28810
37385 37385 Default Title F4A51, F5A51, Ring, Low, Reverse, Waved 97-ON 47857 2741A007
674992 674992 Default Title F5A51 Planet, Output 97-ON N/A OEM-45890-39302
26285 26285 Default Title U140, U240, U241, U250E, Hub, Low, Reverse (15 Lugs) 99-ON 57743A N/A
26285A 26285A Default Title U140, U240, U241 Ring Gear, Front 99-ON 57758A 35743-28010
26286 26286 Default Title U140, U240, U241 Drum, Sun Gear w/Bushing 99-ON 57742A U140321AF
26287B 26287B Default Title U140, U240, U241, U250E, Planet, Rear FWD 99-ON 57747A 35760-33030
U761592K U660E, U770E Planet Assembly (Rear Kit) includes Rear Planet, Rear Sun Gear, Rear Ring Gear, Rear Sun Shell 07-ON 157748 N/A
U761691 U660E, U770E Shell Rear w/Sun Gear N/A 157742 N/A
U761862 U660, Sun Gear Rear 07-ON 157755 N/A
U761872 U660E, U770E Ring Gear Rear 69T 07-ON N/A N/A
U761951 U660E, Drum (Input) 07-ON 157732 N/A
U761971 U761971 Default Title U660E, Valve Body Core N/A 157754 N/A
U761971A U760E, Valve Body Core N/A N/A N/A
U761991 U660E, Rear Planet Output Gear Assy 07-ON N/A N/A
U764951 K310, K313 Drum w/Shaft 07-ON N/A N/A