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4 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Automatic Transmission Cooling System

There are a number of symptoms that could point to an issue with your vehicle’s transmission cooling system. Learn about them in this article, as well as what you can do if you notice these signs.

An automatic transmission cooling system is designed to keep the transmission in your car working and prevent any damage. But that doesn’t mean these systems can’t fail, so it’s important to have a backup plan for when your system does need repair. Here are four telltale signs that your transmission cooling system has worn out, and when it’s time to replace them!

What is a transmission cooler?

A transmission cooler operates similarly to a heat exchanger, transferring the thermal energy of the hot transmission fluid. Transmission fluid passes through the transmission coil to dissipate heat. The more heat is expelled, the cooler it will get. After the fluid cools, it passes back into the transmission.

4 Signs Your Transmission Cooling System Needs Attention

  1. Performance Issues

Poor performance is a common sign of transmission cooler failure. Your transmission might start having trouble shifting if the transmission fluid drops below normal amounts, so be sure to pay attention to any changes in your vehicle’s abilities.

You don’t want to take chances with your transmission, so you should consult a professional whenever it acts funny. What might be a simple problem could turn into an expensive repair very quickly if it isn’t taken care of right away.

  1. Strange Sounds

When your transmission has trouble shifting, you may also hear some strange noises. If this kind of transmission trouble strikes, make sure to contact a qualified professional. Your transmission has many moving parts that must be in perfect working order. Proper fluid amounts and temperatures are critical to performance.

  1. Leaking Transmission Fluid

You can often tell if your cooler is bad when it starts leaking fluids. Rusting in the cooling lines can occur anywhere, but most often in humid climates. With this problem, you simply need to replace the faulty lines, which are quick fixes for any home mechanic.

  1. Uncommonly High Temperatures

The whole reason you have a transmission cooling system is to reduce the temperature of the fluid as it moves through the transmission. If the cooler is not working properly, your transmission temperature is going to rise.

If your transmission is too hot, you may experience other problems, such as broken lines and poor performance. The reason that your temperature is so high could be a few things, such as a clog in the line. Alternatively, you may just need to replace the cooler altogether.

When transmission temperatures get too high, you may notice a burning smell. If this happens, stop driving the vehicle and let a professional take a look to diagnose the problem.

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