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​​How Quality Transmission Rebuild Parts Improve Your Reputation

​​How quality transmission rebuild parts improve your reputation? The transmission rebuild parts you use can affect rebuild longevity, which can lead to more business.

In this industry, a good reputation is invaluable. Customers have plenty of choices when it comes to getting work done on their transmission, so you should be doing everything you can to stand out. When potential customers are asking their friends and family for advice, does your shop’s name come up?

If you want to make your shop top-of-mind for your customers who need transmission work completed, using quality parts is critical.

Using High-Quality Transmission Rebuild Parts

You may have some of the best technicians in the industry, but if the transmission rebuild parts you use are poorly made or prone to failure, the quality of your work gets overshadowed. Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How much R&D does your supplier conduct on their parts?
  2. Are the parts made from quality materials?
  3. Have you had any customer complaints about failing parts?

The answers to these questions could give you a clue about whether it’s time for a new supplier.

How Long Do Transmission Rebuilds Last?

You know as well as anyone that a quality transmission rebuild should make the car’s transmission practically as good as new. If the transmissions you have worked on don’t last past 30,000 miles before repairs are required, that’s a good indication that the parts you are using are underperforming.

With regular maintenance, your rebuilds should last about as long as a new transmission—about 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Be sure to talk to your customers about the importance of regular transmission maintenance. If they listen to you, you could save them thousands, which will only reflect well on your shop.

Generating Word-of-Mouth Referrals

If you can establish your business as a quality partner for your customers, you are in a good position to get them to promote your shop to others. Anyone who has had a good experience buying from you knows first-hand that you can be trusted—and that is invaluable if you are trying to spread the word. Each customer you prove your reputation to is a source of potential referrals, so you need to encourage them to tell others if they enjoyed working with you.

But how do you do that without sounding pushy?

One way is to build your marketing materials—including your social media presence—around the idea of spreading the word. The ads, brochures, web pages, and social media posts that bring your customers to you in the first place need to make the benefits of spending money with your shop clear. One benefit that many customers want to see? Quality parts, and that includes your transmission rebuild parts.

The benefits that you list will act as a blueprint for your customers, providing them with many different reasons that they enjoyed working with you.

Get Transmission Rebuild Parts That Add Value for Your Shop and Your Customers

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